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Animal Testing and Perfumes – There Are/Have Been Alternatives To Animal Testing

Animal Testing and Perfumes – There Are/Have Been Alternatives To Animal Testing

“Knowledge is Love and Light and Vision”. Helen Keller (American Poet)

The current ban on animal testing in the EU (European Union) on cosmetic ingredients, does not mean  or guarantee in any way that the perfumes available now in the EU market, don’t contain the ingredients which were tested on animals prior to the ban. A perfume available now in the EU countries, may still contain a large number of ingredients, which were tested on animals prior to the ban.

Fragrance Chemicals & Skin Sensitization Testing

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‘Stress Free’ – Scientific Basis for Natural Anti-Ageing Skin Care

Beauty awakens the soul to act”. Dante Alighieri

‘Stress Free’ – Scientific Basis for Natural Anti-Ageing Skin Care

Ageing is driven and controlled by intrinsic and extrinsic stresses, which cause damage to biomolecules including DNA. Accumulating findings indicate that longevity depends on the ability of the organism to cope with extrinsic or intrinsic stressors (Kirkwood & Austad, 2000).

The ageing process takes place within all organs of the body, and the skin shows visible signs of ageing. Skin ageing is driven by several factors including:

  1. Genetics;
  2. Hormonal disruptions;
  3. Metabolic processes; and
  4. Environmental stressors.
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Rose, The Only Queen, Whose Parts Have Been Cloned – Chemically Synthesized

The Only Queen, Whose Parts Have Been Cloned – Chemically Synthesized

EU authorities have warned that the chemical constituents are allergenic and harmful

Does the world have an origin; do species really change?

There was a time, when beauty and the nature reigned supreme, supporting each other’s existence in the scheme of things. It was a time of the symbiotic relationship in which love, gratitude and appreciation between the nature and living beings grew and sustained the creation.

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Botox or No-Tox Anti-Ageing Skincare


New Directions for Anti-Aging, Beauty and Healthy Skin

 It is an inherent human desire to live longer and healthy lives while maintaining radiant and youthful looks. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and plays a vital role in thermoregulation, protection from the external environment, sensation related to touch, and acts as an outpost of the immune system.

The structural purity, functional and regenerative capacity of human skin are affected by a number of factors that influence its appearance and health.

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The Best Makeup Product That Is Invisible

The Best Makeup & Beauty Advice You Will Ever Receive

Hydra Gem – The Beauty Code Under Your Makeup

 If the current beauty blogs are correct in their forecast for the latest trends; prepare to be dazzled by colour cosmetics. ‘Bursts of colour, shimmery, smoky, two-tone, chalky, glitter, cool-silver, perfect skin base, glossy, sheer’ – all these and more describe the chameleon of colour cosmetics.

 There are a large number of makeup products available in the market, including:

  1. Concealers
  2. Fillers and Mattifying Products
  3. Powder Foundations
  4. Cream Foundations
  5. Liquid Foundations
  6. Tinted Moisturizers:
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Even the plants have heritage, history and cultural connection!

KJ Photo Linden

Can you name a plant, herb, extract, essential oil or a herbal recipe, which you have used to  treat a health disorder, ease pain or swelling, boost your well-being or cure an acute condition?

With the world running out of crude oil, a number of species dying out at an alarming rate, all of us should feel challenged and encouraged to suggest solutions to save and nourish plants and the natural world.

Plants are the foundational raw materials for life on Earth. As the plants and humans developed and grew together, a cultural relationship between plants and humans began to evolve. Because of complete dependence on the plants, herbs and flowers around them; humans have innate love for the nature.

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“The Universe Is Interconnected, Are We?”

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I always knew that I belong to something bigger than myself; whatever you may call it, consciousness, spirit, God, Christ or the universe. Nothing in the education system, career & jobs, the modern media have been able to suppress that spiritual inheritance, which we all carry deep within ourselves.

When I first became interested in science and later found myself in the company of cosmetic-scientists, I was regularly struck by their frequent use of a word that is scarcely ever heard in the politics, education and even in the arts. That word is ‘beauty’. I also realized that how the essence of this very word ‘beauty’ is made to compromise and corrode by so many companies, having only one interest that is money.

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