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Botox or No-Tox Anti-Ageing Skincare


New Directions for Anti-Aging, Beauty and Healthy Skin

 It is an inherent human desire to live longer and healthy lives while maintaining radiant and youthful looks. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and plays a vital role in thermoregulation, protection from the external environment, sensation related to touch, and acts as an outpost of the immune system.

The structural purity, functional and regenerative capacity of human skin are affected by a number of factors that influence its appearance and health.

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The Need For Scientifically Sound Information In The Area Of Anti-Ageing Skincare Is Important.

KJ Poster 700Skincare, perfumes and haircare have personal and social impact that cannot be underestimated.

Some believe that cosmetic science, at best, is a border-line science. Yet, some assert that cosmetic science is a real science. It is a field filled with ideas, extraordinary claims, revolutionary anti-ageing concepts, and of course romance of moonwalking.

The need for scientifically sound information in the area of anti-ageing skincare is important and urgent, since the customers are being supplied with suggestions from the companies and news media, and increasingly, from the Internet with material which is not always based on sufficient scientific evidence.  Physicians and dermatologists in particular, have long complained about claims made by the cosmetics industry.

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