“The Universe Is Interconnected, Are We?”

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I always knew that I belong to something bigger than myself; whatever you may call it, consciousness, spirit, God, Christ or the universe. Nothing in the education system, career & jobs, the modern media have been able to suppress that spiritual inheritance, which we all carry deep within ourselves.

When I first became interested in science and later found myself in the company of cosmetic-scientists, I was regularly struck by their frequent use of a word that is scarcely ever heard in the politics, education and even in the arts. That word is ‘beauty’. I also realized that how the essence of this very word ‘beauty’ is made to compromise and corrode by so many companies, having only one interest that is money.

Rather than becoming a guru to celebrities or working comfortably for a multinational, I have chosen the path with a mission to spread knowledge, develop superior quality cosmetic products based on ‘green-chemistry’ and help you discover and nourish your unique beauty. It has been a path of various challenges and losses, but a journey which continues to bring joy and more awareness.

There are two points I would like you to consider:

  1. Natural Aromas
  2. Anti-Ageing & Genes

Natural Aromas -By neglecting to train and nourish the olfactory nerve, we are constantly led to breathe impure aromas and thus potentially increase toxic burden in the body. Persons who use natural perfumes are more resilient in their nature and are prone to make healthy choices and create healthy environments than those who consider the faculty of smelling as an almost useless gift.

In the earlier civilizations of the world the use of natural perfumes was in constant practice, and it had the high sanction of spiritual authority; the patrons of natural perfumery have always been considered the most refined people of society.

Anti-Ageing & Genes – Are the symptoms of aging programmed through some sort of molecular clock that is set as the embryo develops, or are they the inevitable consequence of the cumulative wear and tear on our genomes, as we face a plethora of environmental chemicals and radiation that damage our DNA?

The behaviour of a person’s genes doesn’t just depend on the genes’ DNA sequence–it’s also affected by so-called epigenetic factors. Changes in these factors can play a critical role in disease.

The genome dynamically responds to the environment. Stress, diet, behaviour, toxins and other factors such as harmful chemicals and additives that enter our bodies, contribute to the epigenetic factors. Epigenetics involves genetic control by factors other than an individual’s DNA sequence. Epigenetic changes can switch genes on or off and determine which proteins are transcribed.

We are all humans with emotions, history, baggage, potential, ambitions – and certain views of the world. In other words, we are all walking stories, ready to be told and heard.  May we all awake to our true potential by taking small positive steps every day!

Love, Blessings & Regards,

Manoj Jain

Director R & D

Kismet Jardin Pty Ltd


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