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Even the plants have heritage, history and cultural connection!

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Can you name a plant, herb, extract, essential oil or a herbal recipe, which you have used to  treat a health disorder, ease pain or swelling, boost your well-being or cure an acute condition?

With the world running out of crude oil, a number of species dying out at an alarming rate, all of us should feel challenged and encouraged to suggest solutions to save and nourish plants and the natural world.

Plants are the foundational raw materials for life on Earth. As the plants and humans developed and grew together, a cultural relationship between plants and humans began to evolve. Because of complete dependence on the plants, herbs and flowers around them; humans have innate love for the nature.

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“The Universe Is Interconnected, Are We?”

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I always knew that I belong to something bigger than myself; whatever you may call it, consciousness, spirit, God, Christ or the universe. Nothing in the education system, career & jobs, the modern media have been able to suppress that spiritual inheritance, which we all carry deep within ourselves.

When I first became interested in science and later found myself in the company of cosmetic-scientists, I was regularly struck by their frequent use of a word that is scarcely ever heard in the politics, education and even in the arts. That word is ‘beauty’. I also realized that how the essence of this very word ‘beauty’ is made to compromise and corrode by so many companies, having only one interest that is money.

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